Our Stories
Julie Brazeal

Human Resources Management

"Everyone had given me something to look forward to. Shortly after completing the program, I did successfully land a job."

Emily Aspland

Television Writing

"I feel like I could never do in the UK what I know I can do here through the support of UCLA Extension."

Tho Ngo


"UCLA Extension offers invaluable skills to stay competitive in an ever-changing economy."

Anny Beck

Health Care Management & Leadership

"You can go back to school at any age, you can learn something new at any age."

Brad Downs


"UCLA Extension is a door swinging wide open to an exciting new world of possibilities."

Zara Gomez

Landscape Architecture

"Every instructor I've had became a piece of who I am as a designer."

Joshua Staman

Television Writing

"A lot of people in different stages of the industry all came together because they wanted the time and a place to hone their craft."

Patricia Murphy

Entered Fieldwork Practicum

"Our teachers come from different backgrounds, languages and cultures."

Jordan Bozer


"I had been worried about having a bland medical school application with merely the required coursework, but these classes added another dimension to my application."

Janet Levine


"Majority of the people who take my class are 'career changers.' They're looking to get the skills so they can move in a place where they can make a difference."

Kim Park


"I will always consider myself a continuous learner."

Judith Simon Prager

Writers' Program

"You must have a passion, and if you do, it can carry you to some greatness and fulfillment."

Orlando Oliverio

American Language Center

"I wanted an experience that could change my life. Now, I feel stronger and more secure, and finally, my dreams are realized. Thank you, UCLA Extension."

Dr. Kim Williams

Nonprofit Management

"The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is today."

Tara O'Malley

College Counseling Placeholdertexttext

"Winning the Ingrid Skulstad Williams Scholarship at UCLA Extension was one of the proudest moments of my life. For a woman to be acknowledged and rewarded in these times was overwhelmingly appreciated. Any doubts I had in pursuing a major career change were erased."

Amara Barroeta


"You will get the power to choose what you want to do."

Shirin Raban

Graphic Design

"I create a structure for students to thrive and find their own voice."

Jennifer Dulimar

Early Childhood Education

"I learn dynamic hands-on skills which I can apply directly at work. Five months in, I received numerous appraisals for my performance from my supervisors and senior colleagues."

Cara Allen

Feature Film Writing

"I've been rewarded with unwavering encouragement and constructive feedback, all for the betterment of my story."

Viktor Blaha

Applications Programming

"I wanted to have an experience and see how it goes. After I took a class, that's when I decided I have to keep going."

Jean de Meuron

Business & Management of Entertainment

"I still seek the knowledge and advice of my instructors."

Victoria Denault

Writers Studio

"If I hadn't taken the Writers Studio, I would not have been as successful as I was, as quickly."

Claudia Morales

American Language Center

"I chose to be a better me."

Kathy Fuller


"It's very gratifying to watch the cycle continue of helping our students and helping others within the community."

Rafaela Ganime

American Language Center

"I returned to my home with a lot of knowledge and a little bit of the world in my suitcase."

Pernell Marsh


"I came to understand that this is actually, truly where I'm supposed to be."

Austin Merrill

Pathway Program

"Try to go out of your comfort zone."

Hakon Engvig

Design Communication Arts

"You'd be surprised at how incredibly viable, powerful, and knowledgeable you can become in a very short amount of time."

Margaret Meloni

Project Management

"We integrate what the book says and what happens in the real world."

Catalina Montoya

Interior Architecture

"It has been possible for me to balance between my personal and professional interests."

Mark Stern


"One of the great things about being at UCLA Extension is the instructor body. We bring the real world into the classroom."

Ginger Silvera


"I feel closer to my dreams. I know someday soon, I will be able to share my stories with the world."

Nurit Katz


"We truly have an international classroom."

Judd Stark

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

"UCLA Extension is a place where I could, after 25 years, go back and get my feet wet in a field that I've dreamed about doing."

Parisa Golvani

International Trade & Commerce

"My goal of coming here was to change my career path."

Rachael Woloszyn

Interior Design

"It is with the goal of creating these transformative interior spaces—and positively shaping the lives of those who experience them—that has brought me to UCLA Extension."

Stan Lee

2017 Certificate Graduation Keynote Speaker

"Whatever you do, give it your best shot. You'll be glad you did."

Mario Ayala

Medical Device Engineering

"I started getting more responses from recruiters to my applications."

Frank Pearce

Technical Management

"I've always been seeking out ways to further my skill set, as well as ways that we can develop leaders."

Haibo Liu

American Language Center

"I learned a lot of things that I never could have learned in routine life."

Lauren Ruitberg


"UCLA Extension helped me get my first job."

Jag Songi

Human Resources Management

"We are multicultural. If we don't understand that, we'll miss the boat on how to optimize and organization through the human element."

James Curtis


"As an instructor, I give my students a balanced mix of substantive instruction and practical skills."

Olga Vinogradova


"I have come out of my comfort zone to transform myself."

Phoenix Wang

Actor, Director

"People have done it before, why not me?"

Manuel Tortora

Interior Design

"UCLA Extension has given me the strength and courage to relight a dream and rebuild my future."

Judy Hudson

Government Contract

"My employer wanted to have their contracting professionals very well‐rounded. It was recommended and I applied to the certificate program."

Christine Essel

CEO, Philanthropist

"There were several points in my career at which UCLA Extension was incredibly helpful to me."

Elizabeth Allen White


"What you brought to that moment when you decided to apply for that certificate program will be part of who you are as you go forward in your life."

Vahe Baban


"I couldn't think of a finer institution to pursue the career of my dreams and a field I'm only beginning to serve."

Paul Mendoza

Design Communication Arts

"I was ready to put my best foot forward into the world."

Diane Nixon

Special Education

"I am living proof you can teach an old dog new tricks."

Jennifer Spicher

Early Childhood Education

"It is very important to be open-minded in the classroom."

Garbo Tat


"If you want to get help with internships and find jobs later, the UCLA Extension program is the best one."

Paul Martella

American Language Center and Journalism

"Before teaching, I came to Extension when I was interested in a career change."

Dora Arredondo-Marron

Early Childhood Education

"UCLA Extension has empowered me to dream. I have a clear vision and an action plan for my next professional steps. It is powerful to give back to the community by educating future leaders."

Scott Pansky


"It's really important that you are what we call "ART": Authentic, Responsible and Transparent."

Kirk Saduski

Film and Television

"Continuing education is continuing life."

Chris Christensen

Technical Management

"I think the future is definitely in the direction of 'just-in-time' learning."

Kalina Silverman


"UCLA Extension taught me I could be whatever I wanted to be – and more."

Jorge Ramos

Journalist, Author, Broadcaster

"Somebody has to give you a second chance. And for me, UCLA Extension gave me that second chance in life and allowed me to reinvent myself."

Peggie Fariss

Creative Development Executive

"I hope you will let your curiosity drive you to unknown places. Let your courage give you the strength to leave your comfort zone, to pursue your dreams, to fill your life with interesting people, and to follow your heart."

Victor Garcia

Project Management

"The advice I give to future students considering the certificate program… do it."

Ken Cooper

Pathway Graduate

"I was expecting to learn to be independent, to live on my own. It was about stepping up to the plate and being responsible. I'm proud of myself for doing all those things."

Paul Comstock

International Landscape Designer

"Just a guy with a truck."

Fernando de Moraes

International Architectural Designer

"I had a natural talent for space planning, for composition, for design, for aesthetics."

Jeanne Holm

Chief Knowledge Architect and Philanthropist

"I trace back all of my success to my UCLA education."

Stacie Preven

Landscape Architect

"Learning how to solve problems by drawing rather than words."

Manuel Tortora

Interior Design

"UCLA Extension has given me the strength and courage to relight a dream and rebuild my future."

Scarlet Guevarra


"Litigation is never going to go away."

Christine Baker


"Extension's horticulture classes are providing me with the confidence necessary to overcome obstacles as a small-scale female farmer."

Dainise Meissner

Designer, Instructor

"I have no idea where I can go next, but there are no boundaries."

Mohab H. Sherif

Engineer, Sustainability

"Every day you will learn a new thing."

Dale Weber

Chemical Engineer, Sustainability

"Inspired to make a difference."

Eva Merz


"Think bigger, grow bigger."

Maria Dadouch


"I needed to tell the stories of my country. The Writers' Program at UCLA Extension made this possible for me."