The UCLA Extension Grading Scale

A - Superior
B - Good
C - Fair
F - Failure
I - Incomplete (work of passing quality but incomplete; may be revised by completing work as required)
DR - Deferred Report (see "Student Conduct ")
P - Passed (work which would otherwise earn a grade of "C" or better in undergraduate level classes)
NP - Not Passed (less than "C" in undergraduate level classes)
S - Satisfactory (work which would otherwise earn a grade of 'B' or better in graduate/professional level classes)
U - Unsatisfactory (less than 'B' in graduate/professional level classes)
CEU - Continuing education units earned
N - Attended, Not for credit

All grades except Incomplete (' I ') are final when filed by the instructor in the Final Grade Report.

Grade Reports

You can view your grades, request official transcripts, obtain enrollment verification, print receipts and update your personal information when you log in to Student Portal. You may also inspect your grades in person at Student Services, Suite 113, 10995 Le Conte Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024-1333 or by calling Student and Alumni Services at (310) 825-9971. For official transcripts go here.

For credit-bearing courses presented online, you will in many cases be able to view grades for the constituent exercises through the Learning Management System (LMS, such as Canvas). To view your official final grade, log into the Student Portal.

More on Grades

In all courses in which grades are awarded, instructors may grant students up to 1 quarter to make up an I . After 1 quarter-or sooner if required by instructor-an ' I ' will automatically lapse to an ' F .' Grades ' A ,' ' B ,' ' C ,' and ' D ' may be modified by the suffixes + or -. The temporary grade of ' DR ' will be posted if allegations of academic dishonesty are pending.

Important: Passed/Not Passed or Satifactory/Unsatisfactory credit is not acceptable at the University of California for the following purposes: (1) to make up a deficiency, such as grade-point average or subject credit; (2) as evidence of ability to study at university level; (3) to correct probationary or dismissal status; (4) to repeat a course in which a grade of " F " was received; (5) to fulfill prerequisite requirements, except as specifically authorized.