Specializations are a great way to gain a focused set of skills that can help you advance in your career. They are a series of courses designed to help you quickly gain knowledge in a focused area of study and provide at least 60 hours of instruction time or a minimum of two courses. Specializations are open enrollment.

UCLA Extension specializations can help you:

  • Acquire specific, targeted skills in a focused area of study
  • Network with instructors and students
  • Gain crucial skills in a short amount of time

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Award of Completion
The completion of a specialization will be posted on a student’s transcript. Students who complete a Specialization will receive an Award of Completion.

How to Apply
To establish candidacy for a specific specialization program, simply click on the “apply” button on the specialization page and follow the prompts. Prospective students are encouraged to establish candidacy as soon as possible as the terms and conditions of award are fixed by the date of your candidacy. Curricula are subject to change. Please note: candidacy and application fees are not transferable or refundable.

Requesting Award of Completion
When you are close to completing your specialization program, contact your program counselor to request an audit of your transcript to expedite the posting of your award and to produce the Specialization award of completion. Awards are posted only after final grades have been recorded.

Replacement Awards of Completion
Replacements for lost specialization awards or completion are available for a fee of $45 and can be ordered online through the UCLA Extension Student Portal (select Special Requests) or over the phone by calling Enrollment Services at (310) 825-9971.


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  • Invitations to all UCLA Extension’s Student & Alumni Services’ initiated Networking Events and Professional Development Workshops
  • Discounted tickets to the Geffen Playhouse
  • An opportunity to join our soon-to-be-launched Career Services website, which will provide access to career communities, general job postings, events, and professional/industry-specific insights