ENGL XL 136 - Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL XL 137 - Creative Writing: Short Story
ENGL XL 138 - Creative Writing: Screenplay
SCRIPT X 410.1WS - Writing Your First Screenplay
SCRIPT X 415.1WS - Writing Powerful Scenes for Movies and TV
SCRIPT X 422.1WS - Creating the Half-Hour Television Pilot
SCRIPT X 422.3WS - Creating the One-Hour Television Pilot
SCRIPT X 426.1WS - Showrunners Boot Camp
WRITING 700.1 - The Young and The Reckless: Writing for Teens
WRITING 714.2E - Writer Friendly Careers: Webinar
WRITING 721.2E - Storytelling Starter Kit
WRITING 721.3E - Nonfiction 101
WRITING 741.1E - Writing a Picture Book and Getting it Published
WRITING 744.1E - How to Create Original Middle Grade Concepts
WRITING 745.1E - Writing the Young Adult Novel: One Day Workshop
WRITING 745.2E - Adapting Literature, Myths, and Fairy Tales for New YA Audiences
WRITING 752.2E - Editor Consultation with David Groff
WRITING 755.4E - How to Land a Literary Agent
WRITING 760.1 - Writing Retreat at Lake Arrowhead
WRITING 761.2E - Creating Memorable Characters: A One-Day Workshop
WRITING 761.5E - Making Friends with Your Inner Critic
WRITING 761.6E - Writer Friendly Careers
WRITING 761.7E - Inspiring Our Muse: Nurturing the Writer Within
WRITING 761.8E - The Writers' Banquet: A Workshop Exploring Food and Memory
WRITING 762.10E - Words & Pictures: Weekend Workshop in Creative Writing from Visual Art
WRITING 762.1E - Translating Literature for Absolute Beginners
WRITING 762.2E - Creative Writer's Bootcamp: One Day Workshop
WRITING 762.3E - Mining Memory: A One Day Poetry Workshop
WRITING 762.4E - Words & Pictures: Creative Writing from Visual Art
WRITING 762.5E - Writing Poetry for Children
WRITING 762.6E - Crafting Survival Stories: One Day Workshop
WRITING 762.7E - The Basics of Setting
WRITING 762.9E - How to Jumpstart Your Inner Poet through Memory and Story
WRITING 763.1E - Travel Writing in Place
WRITING 790 - Writers' Program Open House
WRITING 790.2 - Writers' Program New Student Orientation
WRITING 790.3 - Writers' Program Certificate Resource Session
WRITING X 400 - Introduction to Creative Writing
WRITING X 402 - Finding Your Voice
WRITING X 403 - Finding Your Story
WRITING X 404 - Defeating Distraction: Creating a Writing Practice
WRITING X 410 - Fiction: Essential Beginnings
WRITING X 411.1 - Novel I
WRITING X 411.1WS - Writing Your First Novel
WRITING X 411.2 - Novel II
WRITING X 411.2E - Writing the First Novel
WRITING X 411.3 - Novel III
WRITING X 411.4 - Novel IV
WRITING X 411.5 - Novel V
WRITING X 411.6 - Master Class in Novel Writing
WRITING X 412.1 - Short Story I
WRITING X 412.2 - Short Story II
WRITING X 412.3 - Short Story III
WRITING X 413.10E - Wired for Story: Seven Steps to Creating an Irresistible Novel
WRITING X 413.11E - First Aid Clinic for Novel Drafts
WRITING X 413.12E - Writing Experimental Fiction
WRITING X 413.14E - Taking the Mystery Out of Writing the Mystery Novel
WRITING X 413.15E - Revising Your First Draft Novel
WRITING X 413.1E - Story Structure for the Novel
WRITING X 413.2E - Committing the Perfect Crime: Writing Your First Mystery
WRITING X 413.3E - Creating Universes, Building Worlds: The Short Story in Science Fiction and Fantasy
WRITING X 413.4E - Writing the Fantastic
WRITING X 413.5E - Writing the Horror Novel
WRITING X 413.6E - Write a Novel in 10 Weeks
WRITING X 413.7E - Write a Novel in a Month as Part of National Novel Writing Month
WRITING X 413.8E - Advanced Novel Revision Techniques
WRITING X 413.9E - Speculative Fiction and Magical Realism
WRITING X 414.1E - Romance Writing I
WRITING X 414.2E - Romance Writing II
WRITING X 420 - Nonfiction: Essential Beginnings
WRITING X 421.1 - Creative Nonfiction I
WRITING X 421.2 - Creative Nonfiction II
WRITING X 421.3 - Creative Nonfiction III
WRITING X 421.4 - Master Class in Creative Nonfiction Writing
WRITING X 422.1 - Personal Essay I
WRITING X 422.1WS - Writing the Personal Essay
WRITING X 422.2 - Personal Essay II
WRITING X 422.3 - Personal Essay III
WRITING X 423.1 - Memoir I
WRITING X 423.1WS - Writing Your Memoir
WRITING X 423.2 - Memoir II
WRITING X 423.3 - Memoir III
WRITING X 424.12E - Storytelling for Live Audiences
WRITING X 424.12WS - Storytelling for Live Audiences
WRITING X 424.13E - How to Write a Million-Dollar Proposal: A Two-Saturday Workshop
WRITING X 424.14E - Flash Forward: Writing Microfiction and Nonfiction
WRITING X 424.15E - Writing the Think Piece
WRITING X 424.16E - Personal Essay Intensive: A Two-Weekend Workshop
WRITING X 424.18E - Introduction to Literary Journalism
WRITING X 424.20E - Writing Short Form Nonfiction
WRITING X 424.21E - Storytelling for Social Justice
WRITING X 424.22E - Story Structure for Nonfiction
WRITING X 424.22N - Story Structure for Narrative Nonfiction
WRITING X 424.23 - Writing Through Grief and Tragedy
WRITING X 424.24E - Literary Journalism II
WRITING X 424.2E - Creative Alchemy: Finding and Writing Life Stories You Were Meant to Tell
WRITING X 424.3E - Writing Out of Your Life
WRITING X 424.4E - Travel Writing
WRITING X 424.5E - How to Sell Your Nonfiction Work
WRITING X 424.6E - Memoir and Personal Essay Weekend Workshop
WRITING X 424.8E - Narrative Techniques for Nonfiction Writers
WRITING X 424.9E - New Forms in Creative Nonfiction
WRITING X 431.1 - Poetry I
WRITING X 431.2 - Poetry II
WRITING X 432.10E - Poetry Toolbox
WRITING X 432.11E - Prose Poetry
WRITING X 432.12E - The Art of Craft, the Secrets of Revision—Toward Publication
WRITING X 432.13E - Poetry and Performance: A Two Day Workshop
WRITING X 432.14E - Prose Poetry
WRITING X 432.1E - Poetry in Popular Culture
WRITING X 432.2E - Poetry of Witness
WRITING X 432.3E - Cuento Poems
WRITING X 432.5E - Spoken Word Intensive
WRITING X 432.6E - Hybrid and Cross-Genre Poetics
WRITING X 432.7E - Reframing the Form
WRITING X 432.8E - The "F" Word: Innovative Poetic Forms
WRITING X 432.9E - Poetry Goes to the Movies: The Poem Noir
WRITING X 441.1 - Picture Book I
WRITING X 441.2 - Picture Book II
WRITING X 444.1N - How to Create Original Middle Grade Concepts: Two Weekend Intensive
WRITING X 445.1 - Young Adult Novel I
WRITING X 445.1N - Young Adult Novel Intensive: Two Weekend Workshop
WRITING X 445.1WS - Writing the Young Adult Novel
WRITING X 445.2 - Young Adult Novel II
WRITING X 445.4 - Master Class in Writing the Young Adult Novel
WRITING X 446.2E - Introduction to Writing for Young Readers
WRITING X 446.3E - Writing for Young Readers II
WRITING X 451.1 - Copyediting I
WRITING X 451.2 - Developmental Editing
WRITING X 451.3 - The Editorial Toolbox
WRITING X 452.1 - Editorial Management I: Acquisition to Publication
WRITING X 452.3 - Freelancing for Editors
WRITING X 455.1 - Contracts, Rights, and Signing Authors
WRITING X 455.3 - Marketing and PR for Writers and Agents
WRITING X 455.3EWS - Marketing and PR for Writers and Agents
WRITING X 460 - Creative Writing Certificate Capstone
WRITING X 461.10E - MFA Preparation
WRITING X 461.12EWS - Writing Memorable Scenes for Fiction and Nonfiction
WRITING X 461.13E - Conquering Your Story and Its Superstructure
WRITING X 461.14E - Writing the Erotic
WRITING X 461.15E - Finding Your Unique Voice
WRITING X 461.16E - Don't Stop Writing!
WRITING X 461.17E - True Fiction: Writing Stories Inspired by Our Lives
WRITING X 461.18E - The Art of the Lie: Life Stories into Fiction
WRITING X 461.19E - Waking Up Your Prose
WRITING X 461.1E - Emotion Into Art: Infusing Your Writing with Feeling
WRITING X 461.20E - Smart Strategies for Successful Writers
WRITING X 461.21E - Creating Memorable Characters
WRITING X 461.22EWS - Structuring Your Story
WRITING X 461.23 - The Art of Creative Research
WRITING X 461.25 - Translation I: Six Week Workshop
WRITING X 461.2E - Power Up Your Writing: Deeper Characters, Deeper Truths
WRITING X 461.3E - Gay Men's Writing Workshop: A Literary Approach to Writing About Gay Life
WRITING X 461.4E - Writing Life Stories Inspired by Travel
WRITING X 461.5E - The Joy of Writing: A Six-Week Workshop in Creativity
WRITING X 461.5N - The Joy of Writing: A Two Saturday Workshop in Creativity
WRITING X 461.6E - Dialogue and Point of View
WRITING X 461.8E - Finding Inspiration
WRITING X 461.9E - Intensive Revision
WRITING X 462.1 - Dialogue and Point of View
WRITING X 462.3 - Character and Conflict
WRITING X 462.3WS - Character and Conflict
WRITING X 463.1E - Women's Writing Workshop
WRITING X 463.2E - Diversity Plus
WRITING X 463.3E - When Research Ends and Writing Begins
WRITING X 463.4E - Creative Writer's Bootcamp
WRITING X 463.5E - Crafting Survival Stories
WRITING X 463.6E - One Idea–Many Possibilities
WRITING X 463.7E - The Psychology of Compelling Storytelling
WRITING X 464.1 - Voices of Color Workshop
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