ENGL XL 138 - Creative Writing: Screenplay
WRITING 760.1 - Writing Retreat at Lake Arrowhead
WRITING 761.2E - Creating Memorable Characters: A One-Day Workshop
WRITING 761.5E - Making Friends with Your Inner Critic
WRITING 761.7E - Inspiring Our Muse: Nurturing the Writer Within
WRITING 761.8E - The Writers' Banquet: A One-Day Workshop Exploring Food and Memory
WRITING 790 - Writers' Program Open House
WRITING 790.1 - Information Session: MFA Programs
WRITING 790.2 - Writers' Program New Student Orientation
WRITING 790.3 - Writers' Program Certificate Resource Session
WRITING X 413.3E - Creating Universes, Building Worlds: The Short Story in Science Fiction and Fantasy
WRITING X 413.4E - Writing the Fantastic
WRITING X 413.9E - Speculative Fiction and Magical Realism
WRITING X 432.6E - Hybrid and Cross-Genre Poetics
WRITING X 461.10E - MFA Preparation
WRITING X 461.12EWS - Writing Memorable Scenes for Fiction and Nonfiction
WRITING X 461.13E - Conquering Your Story and Its Superstructure
WRITING X 461.14E - Writing the Erotic
WRITING X 461.15E - Finding Your Unique Voice
WRITING X 461.17E - True Fiction: Writing Stories Inspired by Our Lives
WRITING X 461.18E - The Art of the Lie: Life Stories into Fiction
WRITING X 461.19E - Waking Up Your Prose
WRITING X 461.20E - Smart Strategies for Successful Writers
WRITING X 461.21E - Creating Memorable Characters
WRITING X 461.23 - The Art of Creative Research
WRITING X 461.24 - Translation I
WRITING X 461.3E - Gay Men's Writing Workshop: A Literary Approach to Writing About Gay Life
WRITING X 461.5N - The Joy of Writing: A Two Saturday Workshop in Creativity
WRITING X 461.6E - Dialogue and Point of View
WRITING X 461.8E - Finding Inspiration
WRITING X 463.1E - Women's Writing Workshop
WRITING X 463.2E - Diversity Plus
WRITING X 463.3E - When Research Ends and Writing Begins