EC ENGR 801.02 - Fundamentals of Lithium-Ion Battery Technology: Applications and Advances
EC ENGR 810.70 - Modern Microwave & MM-wave Antenna Measurements including 5G
EC ENGR 810.80 - Multitarget/Multisensor Data Fusion Techniques for Target Detection, Classification, and State Estimation
EC ENGR 810.90 - Satellite Communications Networks and Applications
EC ENGR 830.70 - DSP for Communication Systems
EC ENGR 840.20 - Applications, Design, and Testing of CMOS and CCD Sensors and Camera Systems
EC ENGR 860.50 - Multirate Signal Processing in Transmitter and Receiver Designs
MECH&AE 810.110 - Space Launch Vehicle Design and System Engineering
MECH&AE 810.170 - Spacecraft Structural Design and Verification
MECH&AE 810.40 - Airframe Stress Analysis and Sizing
MECH&AE 810.50 - Composite Airframe Structures
MECH&AE 810.74 - Structure and Properties of Composite Materials
MECH&AE 810.75 - Damage Tolerance, Durability, and Repair of Composite Materials
MECH&AE 810.76 - Design and Manufacturing of Composite Structures for Air and Space Applications
MECH&AE 830.42 - Aircraft Flight Mechanics and Aerodynamics Stability and Control
MECH&AE 830.50 - Global Positioning Systems (GPS): Principles and Applications
MECH&AE 830.70 - Kalman Filtering: Theory and Applications
MECH&AE 830.90 - Spacecraft Dynamics, Control and Attitude Determination
MECH&AE 847.102 - Composite Design and Analysis Capstone Project
MECH&AE 870.12 - Principles of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Interpretation and Practical Application
MECH&AE 870.30 - Tooling Procedures & Applications of Additive Manufacturing
MGMT 815.01 - Transitioning from Technical to Managerial Responsibilities
MGMT 815.15 - Predictive Business Analytics
MGMT 815.20 - Strategic Project Design: A Logical Planning Framework for Smooth Execution