FILM TV 804.2 - Sneak Preview: Contemporary Films and Filmmakers
FILM TV UL 700 - Free Networking Opportunities for Entertainment Studies Certificate Students
FILM TV X 404 - Pre-Production and Production for Film and Television
FILM TV X 404A - Post-Production for Film and Television
FILM TV X 407.45 - Acting Workshop: The Meisner Technique
FILM TV X 407.51 - Pitching For Impact: Coming Alive With Your Story of Who You Are & What You Do
FILM TV X 408 - Building an Online Audience
FILM TV X 423 - Television Series Development Workshop
FILM TV X 431 - A World of International Filmmaking
FILM TV X 438.40 - The Working Actor: Get the Audition, Book the Job
FILM TV X 439 - Inside the World of Film Acquisitions: How to Sell Your Project to Hollywood
FILM TV X 475 - Producing Commercials for All Platforms: A Practical Workshop
FILM TV X 475.22 - Making the Short Documentary for Digital Platforms
FILM TV X 475.44 - Directing Actors for the Screen
FILM TV X 476.022 - The Art and Business of Producing
FILM TV X 476.12B - Advanced Filmmaking Workshop: Production and Post-Production
FILM TV X 476.22 - Story Analysis for Film and Television
FILM TV X 476.242 - Understanding Genre: How to Develop a Hollywood Classic
FILM TV X 476.243 - Developing Your Short Film
FILM TV X 476.244 - Story Development Workshop: Crafting Your Original Story
FILM TV X 476.271 - Production Sound for Directors
FILM TV X 476.37 - Introduction to Episodic TV Directing
FILM TV X 476.39 - Making Your First Short Film
FILM TV X 476.581 - The Language of Filmmaking
FILM TV X 476.6 - Low-Budget Filmmaking
FILM TV X 476.894 - Introduction to Feature Film Development
FILM TV X 476.95 - Directing Workshop I: Composition and Movement
FILM TV X 476.95B - Directing Workshop II: Storytelling
FILM TV X 477 - Creating Reality and Non-Fiction Television: What Really Works
FILM TV X 477.241A - Producing of Visual Effects for Film and Television
FILM TV X 477.84 - Introduction to Adobe Premiere
FILM TV X 477.85 - Adobe After Effects for Filmmakers: An Introductory Workshop
FILM TV X 478.086 - Building Your Career in Traditional, New, and Future/Emerging Media
FILM TV X 478.13A - The Art of Line Producing
FILM TV X 478.27A - Introduction to Cinematography
FILM TV X 478.27B - Visualization and Exposure
FILM TV X 478.27C - Advanced Lighting Workshop
FILM TV X 478.282 - The Craft of the Cinematographer
FILM TV X 478.283 - Lighting for Emotional Impact
FILM TV X 478.301 - The Role of the Digital Imaging Technician in Cinematography
FILM TV X 478.311 - Editing with Final Cut Pro X: A Comprehensive Workshop
FILM TV X 478.432 - Direct and Produce Reality and Documentary Television
FILM TV X 478.436 - Composition and Framing for the Motion Picture Camera
FILM TV X 478.481 - Documentary Filmmaking Workshop
FILM TV X 478.733 - Producing Documentaries
FILM TV X 478.9 - The Craft of the Director
FILM TV X 479.088 - Movie Magic Budgeting
FILM TV X 479.28 - Introduction to Avid Media Composer
FILM TV X 479.302 - Becoming Camera-Savvy: A Workshop for Today's Filmmakers
FILM TV X 479.482 - Television Development: From Idea to Small Screen
FILM TV X 479.613 - The Art and Craft of Film Editing
FILM TV X 480.2 - Working with Immersive Media: New Trends in XR (VR/AR/MR)
FILM TV X 499.2 - Film and Television Internship
FILM TV X 499.5 - Independent Study in Entertainment Studies
MGMT X 402.32 - Starting Your Own Entertainment Production Company
MGMT X 403.01 - Legal Primer for the Entertainment Business
MGMT X 403.31 - The Business of Entertainment
MGMT X 403.33 - Independent Film Financing
MGMT X 403.34 - Entertainment Financing: From First $ to Distribution of Profits
MGMT X 403.61 - Marketing and Distributing Independent Films Across All Platforms
MGMT X 404.2 - Production Accounting for Film and Television
MGMT X 448.84 - Copyright Law in the Entertainment Industry
MGMT X 452.1 - Welcome to Hollywood! Understanding Entertainment Industries' Project Driven Culture
MGMT X 452.2 - Sold! Project Management Principles and Tools in the Entertainment Industry
MGMT X 452.3 - It's a Wrap! Deliver Your Project Successfully
MGMT X 476.99 - Marketing Entertainment: Strategies for the Global Marketplace
THEATER X 406.51 - Acting for the Non-Professional
THEATER X 407.42 - Inside Stanislavski: Applications for the Screen Actor
THEATER X 407.5 - Acting Techniques: The Fundamentals
THEATER X 407.78 - Improvisation Techniques for the Actor: A Course in Spontaneity
THEATER X 409 - The Actor's Tool Box: Creating Emotional Truth
THEATER X 410.3 - Acting for the Camera I
THEATER X 410.5 - Acting for the Camera II
THEATER X 419.3 - Playing the American: An Acting and Accent-Reduction Workshop
THEATER X 422.12 - Voice and Movement for the Screen Actor
THEATER X 433 - Pursuing a Career in Voice Overs
THEATER X 438 - Performing in TV Commercials: Practices and Opportunities in the Field
THEATER X 438.8 - Delivering Memorable Auditions for Film and Television: A Workshop for Actors in Cold Reading and Interview Techniques
Business & Management of Entertainment
Entertainment Project Management
Film & TV Development