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California's COVID-19 Virtual Training Academy

Instructions for Registering

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1 Eligibility 

The Virtual Training Academy (VTA) is currently open to the following groups of people performing contact tracing or case investigation activities:

  • State employees re-directed to COVID-19
  • Local health department employees, contractors, and partners designated to provide support to local health department COVID-19 contact tracing activities
  • Tribal nations

The course is not open to the general public at this time. Enrollment eligibility is verified before access to the course is provided

2 Process

The registration process involves selecting the correct course below, adding it to your cart, and creating a student profile when you check out.

When creating your student profile please use your work e-mail address to register.

3 Course Selection 

There are currently three courses in the COVID-19 Virtual Training Academy. Select the course designated for your role:

  • Contact Tracer course
  • Case Investigators course (as designated by Local Health Department)
  • Case Investigation for Virtual Training Academy Alumni Contact Tracers

If your role requires both case investigation and contact tracing activities, please enroll in the case investigator training. You will receive contact tracing training as well.

Click on the link in the Courses section below to register for one course that is appropriate for you and complete the registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How RNs will earn and receive CE credit?
  • RNs who wish to receive a BRN CE Verification Letter must complete the registration questionnaire and verify that they are a licensed nurse. They must also complete the Knowledge Assessment (achieving 70%) at the end of the training on Day 4. UCLA Extension will then send the BRN CE Verification letter via email within 2 weeks of the end date of training.


If you are not currently eligible for California's COVID-19 Virtual Training Academy, or wish to explore other UCLA Extension courses, please browse our offerings by clicking here.

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Course Title


PUB HLT 810 COVID-19.1 Virtual Training Academy: Contact Tracing

  • Campus Collaboration > Campus Collaboration

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PUB HLT 811 COVID-19.2 Virtual Training Academy: Case Investigation

  • Campus Collaboration > Campus Collaboration

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PUB HLT 811.1 COVID-19.3 Case Investigation for CA-VTA Contact Tracing Course Alumni

  • Campus Collaboration > Campus Collaboration

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