C&EE XLC 233 - Mechanics of Composite Material Structures
C&EE XLC 235A - Advanced Structural Analysis
C&EE XLC 235B - Finite Element Analysis of Structures
C&EE XLC 250A - Surface Water Hydrology
C&EE XLC 251C - Remote Sensing with Hydrologic Applications
C&EE XLC 255A - Physical and Chemical Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatment
C&EE XLC 266 - Environmental Biotechnology
COM SCI XLC 118 - Computer Network Fundamentals
COM SCI XLC 143 - Database Systems
COM SCI XLC 211 - Protocol and Systems Design for Wireless and Mobile Networks
COM SCI XLC 217A - Internet Architecture and Protocols
COM SCI XLC 218 - Advanced Computer Networks
COM SCI XLC 246 - Web Information Management
COM SCI XLC 249 - Current Topics in Data Structures
COM SCI XLC 260 - Machine Learning Algorithms
COM SCI XLC 262A - Learning and Reasoning with Bayesian Networks
COM SCI XLC 264A - Automated Reasoning: Theory and Application
EC ENGR XLC 112 - Introduction to Power Systems
EC ENGR XLC 113 - Digital Signal Processing
EC ENGR XLC 131A - Probability and Statistics
EC ENGR XLC 132A - Introduction to Communication Systems
EC ENGR XLC 132B - Data Communications and Telecommunications Networks
EC ENGR XLC 201A - VLSI Design Automation
EC ENGR XLC 205A - Matrix Analysis for Scientists and Engineers
EC ENGR XLC 209AS - Artificial Intelligence on Chip
EC ENGR XLC 215A - Analog Integrated Circuit Design
EC ENGR XLC 215B - Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits
EC ENGR XLC 215C - Analysis and Design of RF Circuits and Systems
EC ENGR XLC 215D - Analog Microsystem Design
EC ENGR XLC 216A - Design of VLSI Circuits and Systems
EC ENGR XLC 216B - VLSI Signal Processing
EC ENGR XLC 219 - Large Scale Data Mining: Models and Algorithms
EC ENGR XLC 230A - Detection and Estimation in Communication
EC ENGR XLC 230B - Digital Communications Systems
EC ENGR XLC 231A - Information Theory: Channel and Source Coding
EC ENGR XLC 231E - Channel Coding Theory
EC ENGR XLC 232B - Telecommunications Switching and Queueing Systems
EC ENGR XLC 232D - Communications Networking and Traffic Management for Autonomous Mobile Systems
EC ENGR XLC 232E - Large-Scale Social and Complex Networks: Design and Algorithms
EC ENGR XLC 233 - Wireless Communications Systems Design, Modeling and Implementation
EC ENGR XLC 235A - Mathematical Foundations of Data Storage Systems
EC ENGR XLC C247 - Neural Networks and Deep Learning
EC ENGR XLC M214A - Digital Speech Processing
EDUC 745 - GRE Preparation Course
ENGR XLC 116 - Statistic for Management Decisions
ENGR XLC 188 - Special Courses in Engineering
ENGR XLC 200 - Program Management Principles for Engineers and Professionals
ENGR XLC 202 - Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability
ENGR XLC 204 - Trusted Systems
ENGR XLC 205 - Model Based Systems Engineering
ENGR XLC 206 - Engineering for Systems Assurance
ENGR XLC 210 - Operations and Supply Chain Management
ENGR XLC 211 - Financial Management
ENGR XLC 212 - Intellectual Property Law and Strategy
ENGR XLC 213 - Data and Business Analytics
ENGR XLC 214 - Management Communication
ENGR XLC 215 - Entrepreneurship for Engineers
MAT SCI XLC 120 - Physics of Materials
MAT SCI XLC 122 - Principles of Electronic Materials Processing
MAT SCI XLC 223 - Materials Science of Thin Films
MAT SCI XLC 224 - Deposition Technologies and Their Applications
MAT SCI XLC 243A - Fracture of Structural Materials
MAT SCI XLC 252 - Organic Polymer Electronic Materials
MAT SCI XLC 261 - Risk Analysis for Engineers and Scientists
MAT SCI XLC 270 - Computer Simulations on Materials
MAT SCI XLC 298 - Human Reliability Analysis
MAT SCI XLC M105 - Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
MECH&AE XLC 150B - Aerodynamics
MECH&AE XLC 154B - Design of Aerospace Structures
MECH&AE XLC 156A - Advanced Strength of Materials
MECH&AE XLC 161B - Introduction to Space Technology
MECH&AE XLC 166C - Design of Composite Structures
MECH&AE XLC 174 - Probability and Its Applications to Risk, Reliability, and Quality Control
MECH&AE XLC 250C - Compressible Flow
MECH&AE XLC 250D - Computational Aerodynamics
MECH&AE XLC 256A - Linear Elasticity
MECH&AE XLC 256F - Analytical Fracture Mechanics
MECH&AE XLC 270B - Linear Optimal Control
MECH&AE XLC 296B - High-Temperature Mechanical Design
MECH&AE XLC C237 - Design and Analysis of Smart Grids
MECH&AE XLC C271A - Probability and Stochastic Processes in Dynamical Systems
MECH&AE XLC C296A - Mechanical Design for Power Transmission
MECH&AE XLC M168 - Introduction to Finite Element Methods
MECH&AE XLC M183B - Introduction to Microscale and Nanoscale Manufacturing
MECH&AE XLC M269A - Dynamics of Structures
MECH&AE XLC M270A - Linear Dynamic Systems
MECH&AE XLC M297B - Material Processing in Manufacturing
MECH&AE XLC M297C - Composites Manufacturing
MGMT X 457.1 - Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology
MGMT X 457.3 - Digital Transformation in Supply Chain: Blockchain, IoT, AI and Trusted Data
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